The Sports and Education Promotion Trust ("SEPT"), was conceptualized by a group of ex-footballers and football enthusiasts of Kerala as an organization that would re-energize the football scenario in Kerala and thereby contribute towards the development of Indian football in attaining global standards of excellence. The core objective of SEPT is aimed at addressing the lack of early training in budding footballers between the ages of 8 and 14 years, with a focus on children from the semi-urban, rural, costal and tribal areas of Kerala. SEPT, which commenced operations in 2004, has today grown into one of India's largest organized grassroots football development programmes, imparting training to over 1900 students under its umbrella of 51 centers spanning across 13 districts of Kerala. To further sustain, support and expand the SEPT project, The SEPT Sports and Entertainment Private Limited ("SSEPL" or "Company") has been incorporated as an associate of SEPT, to promote, encourage and develop football and other sports in India. As part of its efforts to achieve the larger vision of re-energizing football in Kerala, SSEPL is in the process of conceiving and developing a football club brand ("Club"). The name of the Club shall be finalized through a systematic screening process. The Club shall be the flagship brand for all football related activities of SSEPL and aims to become a leading football brand in India.

Objectives The stated objectives of the Club are

  • To support the operating cost of the SEPT grassroots program.
  • To select talented students from the SEPT Grassroots program and impart further specialized training to make them world-class professional footballers
  • To work towards developing a football team capable of competing at the highest levels of Indian club football.
  • To provide opportunities of exposure through National / International tournaments & exchange programmes.
  • To support and fund training and development projects for football coaches to attain highest levels of proficiency.
  • To conceive and conduct national & International level Invitation football tournaments.
  • To support the development of sports and social welfare in the country.
  • To provide members of the Club a platform to interact and promote football development in the country.

The Board of Directors of the Company ("Board") shall have the right to include, exclude or change any objectives by taking into consideration factors such as the financial situation of the Club, regulatory and administrative challenges / opportunities and any other factors that may arise from time to time. The decision of the Board in these matters shall be final, conclusive and binding on all stakeholders.

Towards furtherance of the above stated objectives, the Company has vide Board Resolutions dated October 19, 2013 and January 15, 2014, taken the decision to issue memberships of the Club as per the terms of this Membership Charter ("Charter").

The memberships are issued with the objective of generation of revenues for the Company wherein the Company undertakes to provide benefits as stated in this Charter.

Membership to the Club

1. Any person above 18 years of age will be eligible for membership
2. An applicant is admitted as a member of the Club upon the payment of applicable charges for the applied membership type as defined hereinafter
3. A membership certificate ("Membership Certificate") shall be issued within a reasonable time on realization of down payment. All the membership benefits shall commence upon the member receiving the Membership Certificate.

Responsibilities of Members

1 Members shall be committed to the growth of sport in India and shall endeavor to support activities that aid this objective
2 Members shall endeavor to attend all meetings of the Club, for which the Club shall provide sufficient notice.
3 The members shall at all times, go about their conduct in a manner that is not detrimental to the Club / its image in the society
4 Members shall pay all membership fees and charges promptly and any outstanding dues can lead to suspension or termination of the membership as per the terms of this Charter

Cancellation/Suspension of membership

A member may be suspended or removed from the membership of the Club, inter alia, for any of the following reasons:

1. Unsportsmanlike conduct, excessive displays of anger, overt rudeness, threats or willful physical harm to anyone present.
2. Activities that are in violation of the law, existent regulations of the state or Club rules.
3. Campaigning and carrying out political activity using the Club's networking forums.
The persons authorised by the Membership Sub-Committee of the Board ("Membership Committee") shall have the authority to prima-facie suspend any member from the membership of the Club. The suspension shall continue until the next regularly scheduled Disciplinary Sub-Committee meeting of the Board ("Disciplinary Committee"), wherein the suspended member may address the Disciplinary Committee.
A 2/3 member quorum must be present at the Disciplinary Committee meeting and a positive simple majority vote will be required for reinstatement.

During a suspension, the suspended member loses all Club privileges and voting rights. In case the suspension is not revoked at the meeting, the membership shall immediately be terminated. There will be no reimbursement of paid fees/charges.

All decisions on the membership suspension / cancellation by the Disciplinary Committee shall be final and binding on all parties.

For the sake of clarity, any default in payment of membership fee beyond time lines permitted under this Charter shall lead to termination of membership and no review proceedings shall be applicable in such matters.