Developing talent takes time and a lot of effort.. There are no shortcuts involved. We realize that talent has to be identified early in large numbers and provided the right training.. We also know that many years of doing it will give only a few exceptional talents And that is why we have put so much focus on developing one of India's largest grassroots soccer program

SEPT currently runs 51 soccer nurseries spread across the state of Kerala. About 2000 children, the best from over 20000 who attend the selection processes, are placed in these nurseries. These kids are trained thrice a week at these centers by our qualified coaches.

For a lot of these kids who come from poor backgrounds, football is their best chance at a better life and we try our utmost to ensure they get good training

Periodically the kids undergo rigorous sessions conducted by foreign coaches from Belgium, Holland, Malaysia and Germany.
These foreign coaches also conduct periodical refresher courses for our local resident trainers, and update them on current scientific training techniques prevalent in football academies around the world.